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We are a group of Mexican entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the growing, production, and marketing of quality natural vanilla products.


We appreciate the value of our natural resources, our traditions and history, heritage that is given to us to improve and pass on to subsequent generations.


We encourage creativity to develop new sustainable schemes, which will provide us with an economic sustenance.


We value our social and natural environment, seeking to share and enrich them both equally.


We seek scientific research support as the primary basis for our development.

Our Services


We offer an extensive agenda of courses aimed to establish, care, and maintain a vanilla plantation.

Considering the main variables, such as the site establishment, fertilizer plan, water needs, irrigation system, diseases, operation, and management, etc.

  * For further information, please contact us.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The harvest of Vanilla in Papantla Veracruz and its surroundings is a big economic activity, and also it is clear that it is a fundamental part of social and ethnic identity.

Acknowledging this and knowing that the cultivation of vanilla is a natural guardian of the environment, we have created, in a joint effort with the community, what we call the "Program of Associate Producers".


This program consists of supplying the associates with certified vanilla plants.

In addition to this, we provide technical advice on scheduled field visits to promote and achieve sustainable cultivation as well as the care and rational use of water.

We also offer the associates a real and fair purchase option for their vanilla production.

If you are interested in being part of the community of Associated Vanilla Producers please contact us.

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